Tech charity to bring the outside world in for life-limited children in Jersey

Tech charity Lifelites and Jersey Freemasons are working together to help bring the outside world in for life-limited children in Jersey.

The charity recently held a photoshoot with Jersey Freemasons to highlight the need of life-limited children using hospice service to escape the confines of their conditions by using life-changing technology.

Virtual Reality (VR) is one item of technology that Lifelites donates to give children using children’s hospice services in Jersey a chance to leave behind their hospice bed or wheelchair and walk along virtual beaches, or explore other countries or other worlds. The photoshoots were part of a wider campaign highlighting the ongoing support of Freemasons in many parts of the country for Lifelites work in their area. Jersey Freemasons have committed to support Lifelites work on the island to ensure that life-limited and disabled children will continue to have access to Lifelites-donated technology.

This event was Lifelites’ new CEO, Rob Lightfoot’s first for the charity. He said:

“Lifelites is an incredible and unique charity working to support every life-limited and disabled child using hospice services across the British Isles. We live in a society which has suffered many hardships and life continues to be challenging for so many, but these children and their families are more vulnerable than most. Lifelites is proud to work with the Jersey Freemasons and our hospice partners to ensure that life-limited children across Jersey are given the very best respite and end of life experiences. We recognise the power of technology for good and how the digital revolution, of which we are a part, may hold the keys for a better quality of life for the children we support.”

Head of Freemasonry on Jersey, Graham Spence said:

“Lifelites-donated technology brings fun and laughter to the life-limited and disabled children here on Jersey, this is why Jersey Freemasons are so keen to support Lifelites now and long into the future. The technology that Lifelites donate is truly exceptional and it deserves munificent support from Jersey Freemasons. I am very proud to lead such a passionate Province, and to be helping to support such a vital cause.”

Lifelites has been donating their equipment and services for children using every children’s hospice across the British Isles for the past 22 years and is the only charity that does this. Lifelites continues to provide new technology, maintenance and training to hospice staff on how to use it, to ensure that as many of these children as possible will have the chance to enjoy the benefits of this technology during their short lives.