Joining Freemasonry in Jersey

How to join the Freemasons in Jersey

How applications are received and handled.

A special welcome to this page as you have made the decision to find out more about joining the Freemasons in Jersey.

The traditional method of joining is to ask someone you know who is a Freemason already – perhaps a friend, relative or work colleague.

However, not all prospective candidates are in this position, so you also have the option to enquire directly to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Jersey Freemasons.

We welcome your enquiry. Below you will find the various steps and requirements to joining.


There are some basic requirements to becoming a Freemason.

You need to meet the criteria below:

  • You need to meet the criteria below: You must be aged over 18 years. Students over 18 are eligible to join one of the 85 University Scheme Lodges. You can find out more about the Universities Scheme here –
  • Be an honest person of good moral character.
  • Have a belief in a Supreme Being (that is personal to you).
  • Able to commit to giving up some of your free time a few times per year

The First Step in Freemasonry

An important part of your application is to put you in contact with a lodge in which there are members with similar background, interests or profession.

This will benefit you greatly as you will be able to get more involved with the lodge and social activities.

We recommend you meet socially with members of a lodge. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the members and to ask questions.

If the lodge is the right fit for you, we can now move onto the process to joining a Masonic Lodge in Jersey.

The process to join the Freemasons:

Each lodge is unique will have its own way of doing things but essentially each follow the same process.

Once you have met with members of the lodge, they will want to find out about you and make sure the lodge is the right choice for you.

Do speak with your family about joining Freemasonry in Jersey. Their support is vitally important.

If you confirm interest in joining, the members of the lodge will invite you to attend for an informal interview and ask you to complete a formal application.

Your membership is subject to a vote by all members of the lodge, and once accepted a date will be set for you to join.

You will be kept informed at each stage during the process.

Good luck with your application. We look forward to seeing you! We look forward to seeing you!