Provincial Grand Master's Message

A warm welcome to Jersey Freemasons

As Provincial Grand Master, I welcome you to the Jersey Freemasons website.

The site is open to Freemasons & non-Freemasons alike and is intended to provide information to those wishing to find out more about our ancient and worthy organisation, as well as those considering joining.

Freemasonry is among the world’s oldest, social, secular, and charitable organisations.

Its origins lie with the lodges in which medieval stonemasons, the builders of Europe’s magnificent cathedrals and castles, lived and toiled.

These lodges subsequently accepted members who were not operative stonemasons, later referred to as speculative or free masons.

In today’s often divided and uncertain world, the four fundamental principles of Freemasonry: Integrity, Friendship, Respect and Charity, are as relevant as at any time in our history.

Jersey’s Freemasons play an active role in our community, donating their time and skills for good causes, and each year supporting a wide range of local charities through grants and donations.

There have been Masonic Lodges in Jersey for over 250 years, and two of our current Lodges have been in existence for over 200 years.

Freemasons come from all walks of life but meet as equals to enjoy the experiences of forming new friendships, exploring Freemasonry’s rich history, supporting local good causes and being part of an organisation comprising six million members worldwide.

Whatever your reason for entering our website, I trust you will find it interesting and enlightening.

Graham L. Spence.
Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master for Jersey

Provincial Grand Master of Jersey