Province of Jersey


With a building aged close to one hundred and fifty years, it is inevitable that that alterations are necessary from time to time to keep it in good condition and suitable to our current needs. The roof was successfully repaired last year. At that time, the Temple Company decided to commission a full review of the roof and other parts of the building, to protect the structure of the building and its contents for future generations of Masons.

After many months in the hands of builders, decorators, electricians, and scaffolders, the Temple was given a new appearance and with a roof that is designed to keep the contents dry for the next twenty years or more.

One of the members of the committee Bro. Tom Atkinson was requested to start drawing up plans. During this process he discovered a number of potentially disastrous decisions which had been taken over the last fifty years which could have seen parts of the parapet over Oxford Road falling onto passers by.

The Temple had once had a slate roof, but this had been removed and replaced with ruberoid. It had been hoped to reinstate the slates, but consulting engineers reported that the roof structure could not withstand the additional loading. Some of the roof purlins had been cut and were no longer resting on the external walls, but on joists, which themselves had been cut and reshaped. The weight of the roof on these was pushing the walls out instead of transmitting the weight down.

Much needed to be done, including providing a new roof membrane to stop future water problems. The roof was found to have boarding which was in good condition and so did not have to be replaced.

It was decided to install a Polyroof Advanced Liquid roofing system with 100mm thick Recitel Thermal insulation. This was carried out under the supervision of the UK manufacturers, who have given a twenty year guarantee on it.

During the further examination, it was found that the parapet over Stopford Road only had one water downpipe with a 4 inch diameter - insufficient for the amount of water coming off the roof, resulting in water flowing down the granite wall. Part of the alterations included providing a new downpipe near to the caretaker’s cottage in Oxford Road, and providing new channels behind the parapet to direct the water appropriately.

At the same time, the electric lighting in the roof of the Lodge needed to be replaced with new cabling and the heavy fan which was no longer used, was taken down.

All the work was done well within budget, so that the balance was diverted to insulating the caretaker's cottage walls and roof, cladding replaced and the cottage redecorated.