Province of Jersey

The Jersey Masonic Library and Museum is the oldest such institution in Great Britain, predating the Library and Museum at Grand Lodge by six years. Sacked and looted by the German forces during the Occupation of Jersey during the second World War, it houses many rare and unique items relating to Freemasonry in Jersey and in other jurisdictions.

Librarian and Curator - W.Bro.G.J.Morris
Telephone - 01534.767120

W.Bro W L Clift
W.Bro H S Godfrey
W.Bro C F Huth
W.Bro G S Knocker
W.Bro Rev C King
W.Bro P J Dawson
W.Bro G B Wakeham
W.Bro L R Lawson
W.Bro D G Perrin, OSM
W.Bro C R Goss
W.Bro G Morris
W.Bro P Bannier
W.Bro G Morris
Perrin W.Bro.D.G.Perrin, O.S.M.

During the past year, the Library and Museum Committee has been pleased to support the Public Relations Committee by conducting and explaining to visiting groups from local societies the many artifacts and documents entrusted to us. This has usually followed a tour of the building in general, and a short presentation in the main Temple, by senior members of the Province. The time allowed for our part of the evening has to be flexible in order to accommodate the visit within the envisaged parameters, but it is pleasing to note how many requests for further information have been made, and subsequently supplied to the enquirer.

The Library is connected by ancillary membership to a number of specialist Masonic study groups, amongst these is the Bristol Masonic Society which publishes its transactions through a paperback publication entitled Corona Gladiorum. It is with due acknowledgement to a former President of the Bristol Masonic Society, Lionel Vibert, that I include the following statement, written in his preface to the catalogue of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire in 1934, as nothing more exemplifies the work we undertake to do:

With this splendid library to refer to, to say nothing of the museum with its many treasures, may we not hope that an increasing number of Brethren will be led to take up the fascinating subject of Masonic research? It offers endless possibilities, if only because of the variety of subjects that it embraces. The historian, the arch├Žologist, the student of Folk-lore and Religions, the genealogist, the numismatist, the collector of glass and china, can all find scope for the study of their specialist pursuits in the Craft. Then the purely masonic subjects, such as the history of individual Lodges, the ritual and its development, the regalia and jewels, the additional degrees and their history, are all matters to which a great deal of time can be profitably devoted. It will be found to be time well spent; the student will be richly repaid, not only by the acquisition of a fund of interesting information, but also by coming to have a more intense appreciation of the true university of Masonry.

In the listing of your Lodge Library and Museum Representative, the opportunity has been taken this year to include their email address. This medium is fast being recognized as the easiest form of communication as it provides a written record of the contents for referral. The request goes out for Brethren to use this particular system to contact their representative when making any form of enquiry, whether it be for regalia, written material, or a general query. As we go to print, our Chairman, W. Bro. Barry de la Mare, P.A.G.D.C., has indicated his desire to step down from the post which he has held for a considerable number of years. Progression from within the Committee will find a replacement, but I am honoured on behalf of the Committee to have the opportunity to record our heartfelt thanks to him for his stalwart contribution and strong guidance during his Chairmanship.

Geoffrey J. Morris
Librarian & Curator.