Yarborough Lodge No 244

Warrant issued by the Atholl Grand Lodge 3rd January 1812.
Centenary warrant granted 11th January 1912.

Yarborough Lodge
new banner

banner [photos by W.Bro C Whittaker]

The banner was donated by W.Bro Toni Carré PProvSGW and Bro Brian N Bourne as a precursor to the bi-centenary celebrations which will take place in 2012.

The previous banner had been painted onto the background. The new one has been embroidered in vivid colours and is a tribute to the embroiderer's art. The Master Embroiderer's name is Anastatia Fernandes. Born in Ireland, she now lives and operates in Leyton, East London where she has her own business. She had previously worked in the embroidery department at Grand Lodge for twenty years.